XR Spatialized Urban Data Management System

MetaVu-GIS is a smart spatial information platform which enables to do integrated management of facility for maintenance / management / analysis with ICT technologies (5G, XR, IoT, GIS, etc.)
It delivers better safety, systemic work environment and improve work efficiency. It can also reduce time & cost as well as prevent accidents and respond immediately.



01. Build safe work environment

  • Establish social safety network
  • Prevent accidents through facility visualization
  • Immediate response before an accident happens

02. Improve work efficiency

  • Integrated management without excavation and construction
  • Improve work environment from 2D drawings, map etc.
  • Reduce time and cost

03. Utilization

  • Visualize data from any facilities * Subsurface infrastructure, facility, building BIM data, ground track, urban planning, etc.
  • Simulate before construction
  • Data verification
  • Connect with IoT sensors to prevent accidents and damage

Main Feature

Visualize by Layer
Select spatial information that you want to check
See detailed information by clicking through each facility

Applying tilt by geographic features
Define a value of depth and tilt on geographic features

Connect with IoT Sensor
Setup real-time sensing and immediate response by connecting with existing or new IoT sensors before a problem comes up * Sensor data like vibration, noise, gas level, etc.