[AW2023] MetaVu, Showcase for Industrial Metaverse Platform

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작성자 MetaVu 작성일 23-04-13


MetaVu presents Industrial Metaverse Platform in Smart Factory + Automation World 2023 (AW 2023).

AW 2023 is Asia’s largest exhibition specializing in smart factories and automation industries. The exhibition was held at COEX A, B, C, and D halls for three days from March 8th to 10th, and showcased sustainable digital innovation from smart manufacturing to carbon neutrality under the theme of “We connect your factory.”

MetaVu is an Industrial Metaverse Company that develops and supplies solutions that improve productivity, improve work efficiency, and prevent accidents by solving various problems in industrial sites through the convergence of various ICT technologies such as 5G, IoT, eXtended Reality, and Digital Twin.

MetaVu presents a self-developed industrial metaverse platform in this exhibition. It prevents human error and accidents with XR metaverse technology, and it saves time and cost and improves productivity and effectiveness.

‘MetaVu-Remote’ is a XR assistance solution which helps communicating between field workers and remote experts with two-way video communication. MetaVu-Remote enables sharing screens, providing AR remote support with AR drawing and AR arrow, AR image, share image/documents, and voice/video chat. These features enable communication even under noisy environments. It will help to do concrete and complicated communication.

Through this, experts can do real-time collaboration between experts and field workers without a business trip. Also, field workers can operate equipment and do the maintenance without experts’ business trips whenever problems occur. The benefits are maximized especially when you have to work with workers outside of the country or you are under circumstances like lockdown because of the COVID-19. It reduces carbon emission because of the fewer business trips, so it also contributes to ESG management.

Meanwhile, AW 2023 consisted of aimex, Smart Factory Expo, and Korea Vision Show. 400 companies participated with 1,700 booths. Various conferences and seminars were held regarding digital manufacturing innovation, and industrial experts conducted about 200 presentations.

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