Improving complex workflows with efficient XR Guide System

MetaVu-Guides is an all-in-one XR Guide System
Inside Metavu-Guides, you can use XR Navigation, Pick-Up Guide, Work Guide, Inspection Guide all at once. This solution contains all the features which will help to improve workflows.


Improve Productivity & Efficiency
Improve Productivity & Efficiency
Prevent human error, Improve accuracy & productivity, Improve work efficiency
Improve work ability with XR Guide
Reduce Time & Cost
Reduce Time & Cost
Minimize mistakes, Reduce time & cost through route optimization
Reduce time & cost when process is changed or new equipment is brought - No need for Hardware (Pick To Light etc.)
Reduce time & cost from preventing damage
Improve Work Environment
Improve Work Environment
Simplify the equipment and system
Convenient to check work instructions and related references

XR Guide System

  • Inspection Guide
    Navigation Guide
    Directions for Facilities & workspace
  • Inspection Guide
    Vision-Picking Guide
    XR Pick-up System
  • Inspection Guide
    Work Guid
    XR Instruction(Step-by-step workflow)
  • Inspection Guide
    Inspection Guide
    Quality Inspection System

Key Features

XR Picking Guide 아이콘
Guide the directions for facilities and workspace
Display the optimized route
MetaVu-Guide 연동 아이콘
XR Pick-up Guide
Show which parts the workers have to pick
Support pick-up system based on precise spatial recognition
Connect with Legacy System
Work Instruction
AR documents (PDF, 2D drawings, 2D/3D animation)
Help workers through work process guide
Settings (for Manager)
Inspection Guide
XR quality inspection
Check the defects


  • Manufacturing * Picking, Assembly, Disassembly, Quality Inspection, etc.
  • Logistics
  • Planning product arrangement and work instructions
  • Library, Bookstore, Retailers, Mall, etc.

Supported Devices

  • Microsoft HoloLens2 etc.

    Microsoft HoloLens etc.

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