The next generation of education, XR Immersive Training Solution

MetaVu-EDU is a XR Immersive Training Solution and users can get trained whenever and wherever. You can set-up the training environment and choose the scenario for trainees, and you can check and grade trainee's performances. MetaVu-EDU is a repeatable and risk-free training solution which will improve efficiency and save time/costs.


Efficient Training
Efficient Training
Immersive & realistic training
Train whenever & wherever
Speed up the learning process & proficiency
Improve retention & engagement
Simple Process
Save time & cost
Save time & cost
Optimized solution for industrial sites
Minimize downtime & time to solve problems
Prevent defects/errors/mistakes
Intuitive Instruction & Real-time communication
Repeatable and controlled exposure to stressful situations
Prepare for an emergency procedure

XR Training System

  • CNC Machine (PC Mode)CNC Machine (PC Mode)
  • CNC Machine (MR Mode)CNC Machine (MR Mode)
  • MedicalMedical
  • National DefenseNational Defense


PC Mode
Pre-learning before VR/MR Mode
Get used to the concept
VR Mode
Immersive Learning
Set-up Virtual Learning Environment
MR Mode
Interact with real world and virtual world
Learning with Smart Glass (No need for additional controllers.)

Key Features

Flexible Learning
Flexible Learning
Flexible Scenarios
Customized Features & UI/UX
Train anytime and anywhere
Train across industries
3D Tutorial
3D Tutorial
XR Guide
Learning Step-by-Step
Remote & Collaborative Learning
Remote & Collaborative Learning
Train remotely
Learning with multiple trainees
Simultaneous & Collaborative Learning
Evaluation System
Evaluation System
Built-in Measurement & Grading
Monitor & Analyze Training Log
Training Report
Check Individual Trainees’ Record
Real-time feedback


National Defense
National Defense

Supported Devices

  • For Field Workers
    Smartphone, tablet, MS HoloLens2, Nreal, Google glasses, etc.

    Smart Glass (HoloLens2, Oculus Quest Pro2, HTC VIVE), Windows, Mac, Android, IOS etc.

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