MetaVu-Vision Picking

Customizing Process Layout and Efficient XR Pick-up System

MetaVu-Vision Picking is the XR Picking & Assembly Guide Support System.
This is one of the core technologies of smart factory and it is specialized in assembly process and logistics picking process using XR technology. It prevents human error and improves work efficiency.


Improve Productivity & Efficiency
Improve Productivity & Efficiency
Prevent human error, Improve accuracy & productivity, Improve work efficiency
Improve work ability with XR Guide
Reduce Time & Cost
Reduce Time & Cost
Minimize mistakes, Reduce time & cost through route optimization
Reduce time & cost when process is changed or new equipment is brought - No need for Hardware (Pick To Light etc.)
Reduce time & cost from preventing damage
Improve Work Environment
Improve Work Environment
Simplify the equipment and system
Convenient to check work instructions and related references


Virtual picking information and setting layout connecting with MES, WMS via precise spatial recognition


01 MES inquiry & Select Pick-up objects

  • In Manufacturing

    • 1) Select assembly process
    • 2) Check the parts and information for assembly process
  • In Logistics, Retailers

    • 1) Check product’s location
    • 2) Check the quantity & information

02 Directions & Pick-up Work

  • · Virtual Pick to Light Display Shape Virtual Pick to Light Display Shape images

03 Guide for Assembly Process

  • · Visualize pick-up module 3D assembly/disassembly process

04 Finish

Key Features

XR Picking Guide 아이콘
XR Picking Guide
Guide location/route/quantity/Handle with Care sign of pick-up object
Support picking system based on precise recognition of zone and space
Support document viewer for PDF / 2D drawings
MetaVu-Guide 연동 아이콘
Connect with MetaVu-Guide
Support 2D/3D assembly/disassembly animation
Help workers through process guide
Connect with Legacy System
Connect with Legacy System
Connect with legacy system (MES, WMS, etc.) for efficient inventory management and progress tracking
Settings (for Manager)
Settings (for Manager)
Setting picking box’s location, size, shape, information, Virtual Pick to Light effect


  • Manufacturing * Picking, Assembly, Disassembly, etc.
  • Logistics * Library, Bookstore, Retailers, etc.
  • Planning product arrangement and work instructions

Supported Devices

  • Microsoft HoloLens etc.

    Microsoft HoloLens etc.

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