The origin of
MetaVu Co., Ltd.

Meta (from Greek μετα) + View (French Vu (Vu: seen = Vue: to see)
This is MetaVu Co., Ltd. Channel, an industrial metaverse specialist company. MetaVu assists people in industrial sites, solving various problems through human augmentation and creating a safe and smart workplace. Founded in 2009, MetaVu Co., Ltd. is in the process of commercializing related technologies, securing patents, and commercializing them under its own brand, MetaVu. MetaVu is a compound word of Meta View, that is, [Meta (from Greek μετα) + View (French Vu (Vu: seen = Vue: to see))]. The origin and dictionary meaning of meta (between, behind, beyond, It is the will to provide the best experience to customers through constant change, crossing between reality and virtuality, beyond reality and into the unknown world. It is short so that it is easy to sing and remember, but it is named so that it is reminiscent of the same pronunciation and meaning as Meta View=MetaVu in the English-speaking world where American English pronunciation is used.
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