No-Code Based AR Contents Creation MetaVu-Maker

MetaVu-Maker is an AR contents creation tool.
People who don’t have programming knowledge can easily create AR contents.
After creating AR contents, you can check the AR contents with MetaVu-Viewer right away with smart glass.


Reduce Time & Cost
No-code Basedt
Everyone can create AR contents with no coding background knowledge
No need to use complicated 3D Creation Platform (Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.)
Efficient Problem Solving
Intuitive & Easy-to-use
Intuitive to create the AR contents
Can be easily used by field workers
Process Improvement
Time-saving Workflow
Compatibility (Maker - Viewer)
No need to Build & Deploy


  • Inspection Guide
    Default Contents (Arrows, etc.)
  • Inspection Guide
    2D Image
  • Inspection Guide
  • Inspection Guide
    Position, Rotation, Scale


  • Inspection Guide
    AR Contents
  • Inspection Guide
    AR Contents(HoloLens2)

Key Features

Screen Sharing
Make your own asset(Upload 3d modeling, image, videoand use as resource)
Default objects (Cube, sphere, cylinder, arrow, etc.)
Default signs (warning sign, danger sign, etc.)
Multi-User Communication
Supported File Extensions
Image: .png, .jpg, .jpeg
3D modeling: .fbx, .obj, .gltf, .glb (TBU)
Video: .mp4, .mov
AR Remote Support
Miscellaneous Features
Hierarchy (Object)
Video Player
360° rotation

Supported Devices

  • For Maker
    Windows, Microsoft HoloLens2
  • For Viewer
    Microsoft HoloLens2, Android (TBU)


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