[CES 2023] US·Korea is fast… Metaverse·VR

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작성자 MetaVu 작성일 23-01-16


There were a lot of visitors even in the morning at Metaverse·VR hall, LVCC. That is because visitors can experience right away compared to B2B enterprise and fintech booths. Plus, there was a gaming zone next to it, so it seemed like the density of visitors was the highest.

In the exhibition hall, there were several Korean start-ups and SMEs. LetinAR attracted the visitors with AR glass which was invested from Naver D2SF. In the middle of meeting with visitors, LetinAR CEO, Jaehyuk Kim, said “I did not expect this much response.”

MetaVu CEO, Jinsong Roh, explained Metaverse to visitors (Photo=Reporter Daeho Lee)

MetaVu (former EXTRIPLE) also joined the expo. MetaVu is an industrial metaverse company and they provide an XR platform, for example, they built Changwon city into 3D modeling. MetaVu's CEO, Jinsong Roh, was so busy talking with the visitors. I met with MetaVu manager, and she said “we are going to have a meeting until 5pm and this is our first day, but it’s really hectic.”

DEOTHER is showcasing ‘P2E Metaverse’ and they were busy welcoming visitors. It is hard for them to operate service in Korea since they implemented P2E (Play-to-Earn) in Metaverse.

Regarding exhibition, Director Carol Ha said that “When you participate in the exhibition, the US and South Korea are accepting metaverse well the most.” and “Japan and Europe tend to be slow and the US is the fastest and the next is South Korea.”

Currently, the Korean government has set up Metaverse·Non-Replaceable Token (NFT) consultative group and is discussing policy application such as classification between metaverse and games, etc. It is understood that it is about to announce the incorporation of a metaverse company into a voluntary grade classification system.

Director Ha talked about Roblox’s robux dollar convert which is the reason of the global popularity, and he said “It’s a shame that there is a regulation for P2E in South Korea. Metaverse is the P2E platform.” Also, he mentioned that “DEOTHER operates global service including North America.”

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