MetaVu, Participates in MWC LasVegas 2023 as an XR metaverse solution …

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작성자 MetaVu 작성일 23-09-20


 MetaVu Co., Ltd. announced that we will participate in MWC Las Vegas 2023 to target the US market with an XR Metaverse solution applicable to industrial sites. MetaVu has been developing industrial platforms that can be used in various industrial fields such as manufacturing, defense, education, and medical since the early 2000s, and provides the MetaVu platform that incorporates Metaverse. 
 We have been developing a remote collaboration system even before the outbreak of the COVID 19. As logistics technology evolves due to the development of transportation/communication technology, companies' overseas expansion is increasing and customer markets are expanding internationally. MetaVu-Remote is reducing various difficulties caused by it.

 MetaVu-Remote utilizes XR technology to support real-time collaboration between workers at the site and experts at remote locations. Using two-way video communication, experts can easily identify problems without having to go the site, and workers can quickly carry out work instructions given by experts using 3D arrows and lines displayed on actual equipment. Files such as maintenance manuals, design drawings, photos, and videos can be sent to check details, and can be used for real-time remote training and supervision.


  With the launch of the high-end smart glass equipment MS HoloLens, metaVu optimizes its solutions and utilizes them as main devices, especially the remote collaborations solution MetaVu-Remote, which provides seamless service without chronic problems with low-end devices such as low resolution disruption, AR content coordinate deviation, and scene comprehension errors.

 MetaVu plans to demonstrate solutions at this MWC Las Vegas 2023 for practitioners and executives who need virtual reality technology in industries and workplaces such as manufacturing sites, governments and public institutions. They will also provide an event for visitors to experience extended reality content by wearing XR devices directly at the both.

 Kim Bae-jin, CEO of MetaVu, said, "With this MWC Las Vegas, we will promote the excellence of our XR solution and accelerate our advancement into the American market in the future." MetaVu plans to display MetaVu platforms including MetaVu-Remote, MetaVu-GIS, and MetaVu-Guides at this exhibition. They will also participate in the GITEX GLOBAL in Dubai in October.

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