[AVING News] CES 2023: MetaVu showcased industrial metaverse platform …

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작성자 MetaVu 작성일 23-04-17


MetaVu, an industrial metaverse company, showcased self-developed industrial metaverse platforms and services for 4 days (January 5th (Thur) ~ 8th (Sun)) at CES 2023.

MetaVu showcased the All-In-One lineup at CES 2023. This improves effectiveness depending on the work environment and tasks when companies first use metaverse solutions, and eventually, it maximizes the return on investment. It is provided by a cloud subscription, and it consists of MetaVu-Guides (work guide), MetaVu-Remote (remote assistance solution), MetaVu-EDU (education/training solution), etc.

MetaVu-Guide remotely supports the product production process with AR content. It includes processes like work location, parts picking/assembly, quality inspection, equipment operation, maintenance, storage management, load management, logistics management, etc. Beginners can join the work right away without long and complicated training with this solution.

MetaVu-Remote is a remote assistance solution which enables field workers to solve the problem quickly by getting help from remote experts. MetaVu-EDU provides an immersive training experience whenever and wherever using devices like PC, HMD, smart glass without actual equipment.

‘MetaVu Platform’ is a metaverse service platform which focuses on versatility, and this can be used in manufacturing, national defense, energy, construction, medical, education, etc. Also, MetaVu provides additional customized modules for customers’ needs, and customers can choose depending on their situation.

In addition, MetaVu showcased ‘MetaVu-GIS’ which visualizes the data with Location-based XR technology, and wireless 8 senses (pain, pressure, cooling, temperature, vibration, humidity, wind, and friction) ‘MetaVu-XR Haptic Glove.’

Jinsong Roh, CEO of MetaVu, said that “The cost for establishing various infrastructure (hardware & software) was the big obstacle when companies implement metaverse solutions. At CES 2023, we presented a customized solution lineup that users can selectively use depending on their specific tasks and environment.”

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